Dobby Doesn't Die!

I got the idea for my fan fiction project over our trip to Florida.  We took a trip into last Saturday night, and I realized AH HARRY POTTER JUST CAME OUT ON DVD.  Naturally, I bought it, and we watched it on our bus ride home.  When we got to the part where Dobby dies, I turned to my friend Annie and said, “Honestly, why couldn’t the knife have killed the goblin?! Nobody gives two shits about the goblin, and everyone gives 1000 shits about Dobby.” To which Annie, the Harry Potter dork that she is, replied, “Well, that would have made it more difficult for them when they have to break into the bank later…” Of course, she’s right, so it was more practical in the end for Dobby to die, but it definitely pulled on everyone’s heartstrings. SO, I decided to change the story up, and keep Dobby alive. I cut out the section when Bellatrix throws the knife, as well as when Harry pulls the knife out of Dobby. Instead, Dobby’s just a bit tired from all the life-saving that he just did.