Un-scene Stories

So I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins like it’s my job lately.  I started the series in Florida, because I’d figured I’d need a good book for the 13 hour ride down.  Luckily, I have a Kindle, so I was able to immediately buy the second book when I was finished, because oh.my.gosh. I would not have been able to wait until we got back to start the second book.  The series is a super easy read, but for some reason, I am all caught up in it.  Everyone should read the books if they get a chance.  Plus, they’re making them into movies, which must prove that they’re at least a little interesting.  Anyway, I decided to do the fanfiction assignment in which we write in “un-scene stories”.

In the second book of the trilogy, Catching Fire, the main character Katniss comes across a pair that have run away from their “district”, in which there has been an uprising.  The ladies are named Bonnie and Twill, and after learning about where they came from, and where they plan on going, Katniss never hears from them again, but we later find out (in the third book, SPOILER ALERT), that they never made it to their destination.   Here’s what I think happened:

After escaping their district, and running into Katniss, Bonnie and Twill continue their journey toward District 13 (that at this point, they’re only hoping exists).  Unfortunately, the weather is not on their side, as snow covers the ground and blurs their vision.  They trek throughout the forest, hoping that they’ll come across any sign of life from the District they were told no longer exists.  Katniss was only able to give them enough food for one day, so they’re left with nothing to eat on their journey.  They’re also hindered by Twill’s sprained ankle, so they travel much slower than they could.  After three days, exhaustion kicks in, and they are no longer able to continue.  They both pass away.

I hate knowing that they probably didn’t survive.  But, I like to think that in death, they were working against something that they knew was wrong (the Capitol), and fighting for what was right.

Everyone, go read the books!


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