Un-scene Stories

So I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins like it’s my job lately.  I started the series in Florida, because I’d figured I’d need a good book for the 13 hour ride down.  Luckily, I have a Kindle, so I was able to immediately buy the second book when I was finished, because oh.my.gosh. I would not have been able to wait until we got back to start the second book.  The series is a super easy read, but for some reason, I am all caught up in it.  Everyone should read the books if they get a chance.  Plus, they’re making them into movies, which must prove that they’re at least a little interesting.  Anyway, I decided to do the fanfiction assignment in which we write in “un-scene stories”.

In the second book of the trilogy, Catching Fire, the main character Katniss comes across a pair that have run away from their “district”, in which there has been an uprising.  The ladies are named Bonnie and Twill, and after learning about where they came from, and where they plan on going, Katniss never hears from them again, but we later find out (in the third book, SPOILER ALERT), that they never made it to their destination.   Here’s what I think happened:

After escaping their district, and running into Katniss, Bonnie and Twill continue their journey toward District 13 (that at this point, they’re only hoping exists).  Unfortunately, the weather is not on their side, as snow covers the ground and blurs their vision.  They trek throughout the forest, hoping that they’ll come across any sign of life from the District they were told no longer exists.  Katniss was only able to give them enough food for one day, so they’re left with nothing to eat on their journey.  They’re also hindered by Twill’s sprained ankle, so they travel much slower than they could.  After three days, exhaustion kicks in, and they are no longer able to continue.  They both pass away.

I hate knowing that they probably didn’t survive.  But, I like to think that in death, they were working against something that they knew was wrong (the Capitol), and fighting for what was right.

Everyone, go read the books!


Final Videojournal

Here’s the final video for my final project! Hope everyone had a great semester and has a great summer!

Joke Auf Deutsch

For the extra audio assignment, I decided to do “Make ‘Em Laugh” submitted by Darren Kuropatwa.  I’m a German major, so of course this assignment caught my attention.  I added some background music from jamendo.com, and found the laugh at the end (which made me crack up when I heard it) at soungle.com.

German Joke

FINALLY a Mashup

I FINALLY have my very late mashup ready.  This past week has been crazy, and I just could not think of anything that I wanted to do for the mashup assignment.  My mind was literally blank when I tried to think of an idea, but I finally had some inspiration hit me when I was looking at the selection of movies we have in our apartment.  I thought it would be funny if  Emma Stone’s character from Easy A was listening to a completely different song in her Pocket Full of Sunshine scene.  I replaced the song with Busta Rhymes, I Love My Bitch.  Enjoy!

Dobby Doesn't Die!

I got the idea for my fan fiction project over our trip to Florida.  We took a trip into last Saturday night, and I realized AH HARRY POTTER JUST CAME OUT ON DVD.  Naturally, I bought it, and we watched it on our bus ride home.  When we got to the part where Dobby dies, I turned to my friend Annie and said, “Honestly, why couldn’t the knife have killed the goblin?! Nobody gives two shits about the goblin, and everyone gives 1000 shits about Dobby.” To which Annie, the Harry Potter dork that she is, replied, “Well, that would have made it more difficult for them when they have to break into the bank later…” Of course, she’s right, so it was more practical in the end for Dobby to die, but it definitely pulled on everyone’s heartstrings. SO, I decided to change the story up, and keep Dobby alive. I cut out the section when Bellatrix throws the knife, as well as when Harry pulls the knife out of Dobby. Instead, Dobby’s just a bit tired from all the life-saving that he just did.

Letter to a Future Student

Dear Future Student of DS106,

Congratulations on making a great decision! This class is literally DA BOMB, and probably my favorite that I’ve taken at Mary Wash thus far.

Get ready for a lot of time-consuming work. You’ll get an assignment, think, “oh SWEET, this will be awesome,” then spend the next two days on it until you’re finished because you get so wrapped up in it.  Get ready to also be frustrated. If you’re like me, and know almost zero about computers, you’ll feel this way a lot. But, once you finish a difficult assignment that took awhile, you’ll feel crazy accomplished.

I promise you’ll learn a lot in this class, and you’ll really have to dig deep sometimes to come up with something creative, but it’ll be a ton of fun.  You’ll learn a lot about your classmates, and you get tons of opportunities to show everyone your interests.  The best part of this class is that once you get an assignment, you really have a lot of options as to how to go about it.  You’re not stuck with lots of specifics, so you’re really able to make the assignments match up with your interests.

Also,  JimGroom is one of the most patient professors I’ve ever had. There were multiple times when he could have said, “are you kidding?! DUH.” or, “figure it out on your own” or even, “I don’t have time for this,” but he ALWAYS is ready to help, even for the most trivial things.  I swear he tweets more than any celebrity out there, and you’ll get a response 20 times faster from him via Twitter than if you e-mail him. He’s also always willing to meet up with students face-to-face to help them out with any problems they’re having on assignments.  Basically, he’s awesome.

All in all, you’ll really have a great time in this class. Yeah, you’ll get angry sometimes when your computer doesn’t do exactly what you want it to, but don’t worry about it! Everyone will have trouble, but you’ll also be able to learn from all the mistakes you made.


A former DS106er

First Update from Florida!

I know I’ve been behind a bit on the videos lately.  I was only able to make one from TDC, but that week was pretty rough, and I really wasn’t up for doing any more work than was absolutely necessary. But if you’re wondering, it was also really awesome, I made a lot of friends, and I recommend that everyone do it (even if the Bullet says that we’re “self-righteous” and “mocking poverty”–obviously not our intentions at all).

Anyway, this past week, I have been SUPER busy working on an econ research paper, but finally finished it, just in time to leave for Florida to play some rugby.  So here I sit, in my hotel room, getting ready to play against a team that is surely going to be twice our size.  To say I’m on edge is a slight understatement.

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