My Favorite Designs and Photographs by Others

First off, I have to say that the blog that makes me crack up the most is definitely Catherine’s ( blog. She always has hilarious pictures to describe her feelings and what’s going on. (My absolute favorite post was the one where she used a picture of an old man to describe how she feels with technology. CRACKED ME UPPP, mainly because I feel the same way with a lot of these things.  Anyway, Catherine also has some pretty freaking sweet designs up that she did for Harry Potter minimalist movie posters.  What a great idea (and I wish I had thought of it first…darn). Her first design for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (side note: let’s all think about how dorky she is for using the British title) is my favorite. I like how she had the idea to make the glasses crooked!

Also, I like that she linked to other sites that have done something with blacking out newspapers. Too cool!

Another design that I was impressed with was one of Megan’s ( I’m so impressed that she made not just one, but TWO Gifs. I’m totally jealous. She will have to teach me, and teach me soon. Because I want to learn.


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