First "Famous Angstas" Radio Segment

So Suzanne , Catherine, and I finished our first segment for our radio show! We had a lot of fun doing it, and cracked ourselves up the whole time. After Suzanne and I had finally figured out how to use Audacity and download the LAME software for the practice round (our thunderstorm), we blazed through editing our radio segment.

Our radio show will focus on famous angsty teenagers. Our first segment focuses on Rachel Berry from Glee.  Be sure to listen through the whole song, so you can hear what will be coming up next! Hope you enjoy it!

(Also, everyone should probably read Hipster Hitler in order to understand the last line of the radio show, and in preparation for our next segment.)



Short Sound Story

Here’s the audio that Suzanne and I worked on and FINALLY finished with a bit of help from our other groupmate Catherine. (Also, check this out, learned how to link to websites without actually typing the website URL. I’m hip.) It took us a while to figure out how to play around well with Audacity, but we finally figured it out, so go us! After we finally figured out Audacity, we had problems with downloading the LAME software, but thank goodness JimGroom had a video up his sleeve that helped us out. So finally, here’s our thunderstorm:


Here are the sounds that we used (in order):

My Favorite Post of My Own

I would have to say that the thing I’ve been most proud of was my first ever blog post, which was a video. I had definitely never done anything like it before, nor ever updated anything video/audio related onto a blog (you know, minus posting videos on people’s Facebook walls, but I definitely do not count that). I just felt so proud afterwards! It really wasn’t a big thing at all, but it was the first thing I did that was slighty technologically advanced. Since then, I feel like I’m getting a pretty good handle of this internet thing, from Twitter to Flickr and all those things in between that involved uploading janx. All in all, this class is teaching me how to become part of my generation! Woo!

You can find the video here

My Favorite Designs and Photographs by Others

First off, I have to say that the blog that makes me crack up the most is definitely Catherine’s ( blog. She always has hilarious pictures to describe her feelings and what’s going on. (My absolute favorite post was the one where she used a picture of an old man to describe how she feels with technology. CRACKED ME UPPP, mainly because I feel the same way with a lot of these things.  Anyway, Catherine also has some pretty freaking sweet designs up that she did for Harry Potter minimalist movie posters.  What a great idea (and I wish I had thought of it first…darn). Her first design for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (side note: let’s all think about how dorky she is for using the British title) is my favorite. I like how she had the idea to make the glasses crooked!

Also, I like that she linked to other sites that have done something with blacking out newspapers. Too cool!

Another design that I was impressed with was one of Megan’s ( I’m so impressed that she made not just one, but TWO Gifs. I’m totally jealous. She will have to teach me, and teach me soon. Because I want to learn.

Russian Ice Swimming

"If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?"

Find the Letters of Your Name

For the visual assignment, Find the Letters of Your Name, I used objects around my apartment to represent the letters of my last name (Smart) and to describe a few things about myself.

Five Card Story–A Night on the Town

Five Card Story: A Night on the Town

a Five Card Flickr story created by scooby

flickr photo by kino-eye

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by krutscjo

flickr photo by cogdogblog

This past weekend, I went out on the town with a few of my friends, where Suzanne decided my hair would look better braided (and proceeded to braid it while I was on the phone with some cool peeps). Then we decided that we were hungry, and raspberries are one of my favorite things, so Suzanne made me a yummy raspberry pie. After gorging on tasty desserts, we had the brillant idea of going on the Ferris Wheel (brillant idea=sarcastic. Not a good idea after drinks and raspberry pie.) After our ride in which we got an awesome view of Fredericksburg, we met up with our boyfriends Mark and Hans (Hans is my boyfriend, he’s German), in which we continued with the drinks and the partying. After partying all through Saturday night and into Sunday morning, we decided it was finally time to get back to our computers, and back to DS106.