Web 2.0

I can honestly say that I had a big question mark on my face for a lot that I read in Tim O’Reilly’s article on Web 2.0.  I realize that I basically no zero about the internet. There is just SO MUCH stuff out there, and SO MUCH to learn in order to be able to use the internet to it’s fullest extent. I mean, the majority of my time on the internet is spent on Google, YouTube, and Facebook (as it probably is with most college students).  O’Reilly referred to a lot of things that I definitely had never heard of before, but it was interesting to read about the comparison between the old and the new on the internet.  It was also interesting to realize just how much the internet has grown in the few years that it has been in existence and to think about how much it will grow in the future.

[Sidenote: I found myself nodding my head when I read O’Reilly’s part about Web 2.0 remaking the address book. Over winter break, I looked high and low for an address book for my mom for Christmas–one of the few things she asked for.  I never thought about how out-of-date address books are until I realized the lack of actual, able to handwrite in, address books there are. (Also, I did finally find one, but I had a very limited choices)]

Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine’s article puts into context how the growth of the internet has changed the way that stories can be spread from person to person. I think the many ways that people can share stories online now are awesome. Pictures can be uploaded online through websites such as Flickr and shared to nearly anyone around the world. Blogging has enabled people to share stories about themselves, and helped people make connections with others who share similar ideals. YouTube has completely shifted the way stories can be told.  Videos uploaded to YouTube can become viral in days, making people almost instantly famous. It’s used by musicians, comedians, and just everyday people, wanting to share what they know.

All in all, the internet is freaking awesome, and it’s just going to become even more awesome in the future.



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  1. cali4beach
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 07:48:43

    I titled my blog post about this (before I saw your post, of course) Web 2.0 is awesome.

    We think alike 🙂


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