Experimenting With My Blog

So, here I sit in my living room playing around with the plugins.  Success with “Subscribe to comments” and also with “Akismet”, BUT I am totally confused with Twitter Tools and Google Analytics. I’m not sure if I’ve successfully installed google analytics or not, as after reading Megan’s blog she had to do a bunch of different things than I had to, soooooo that may or may not have worked. Also, I don’t even know where to find the stats for google analytics to see if it even worked (does it show up on my dashboard, or on my actual blog?). So, I moved on from google analytics and on to Twitter Tools.  Zero success with this thus far. The twitter application page tells me that I successfully registered my application, but WordPress tells me that it could not get Twitter Tools to work.

I think I’m just technologically (is this a word?) challenged. My friend Annie tells me it’s ok, because I’m good at other things.


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